One of the most common vision disorders typically facing seniors is the formation of cataracts.

These manifest as progressive cloudiness or discoloration in the natural crystalline lens inside the eyes, causing decreased vision, even with eyeglass correction. As part of your comprehensive eye exam, we can diagnose this condition and help determine the appropriate timing if necessary, to consider outpatient surgical correction. We can educate you regarding some of the exciting new developments in cataract surgery, including the advanced new multifocal and accommodating intra-ocular lenses, designed to reduce or eliminate the need for Eyeglasses.


If cataracts are significantly impairing your day to day vision, please call us at (949) 586-8980. We will consult with you about your options and if necessary, co-manage your procedure with trusted specialists to ensure your safest and most satisfying result. Our office is experienced in the successful co-management of cataract surgical cases, in partnership with some of the region’s most respected eye surgeons at Harvard Eye Associates. We frequently make recommendations for visions for patients in Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Woods, and other surrounding cities.