If you currently wear contact lenses, or are interested in becoming a contact lens wearer please mention this when scheduling your appointment. Additional measurements are needed to determine the correct power and fit of your lenses. A contact lens evaluation is performed, typically at the time of your comprehensive exam to assess the suitability of your eyes for contact lens wear and the best modalities to meet your goals. Our office is always at the forefront of new technologies and our experience and expertise result in a very high rate of success, including many complex and difficult to fit cases. Our contact lens residency- trained specialists receive many new patients by referrals from ophthalmologists and other satisfied patients.

A contact lens evaluation includes precise measurements for contact lens power, brand, material, thickness, diameter, curvatures, rotational properties, wearing and replacement schedules, disinfection and follow-up procedures. We prescribe and dispense all types of contact lenses including many advanced designs of disposable soft, astigmatic, bifocal and multifocal designs, rigid oxygen permeable materials, lenses that enhance or modify eye color, lenses for sports and even for occasional social wear.

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7 Reasons Why We Should Supply You With Your Contact Lenses


  • One-stop convenience: seamless transition from the exam to dispensing of contacts. We offer lenses in stock or rapid delivery time, including home delivery if desired.
  • Value: competitive fees, often less than Wal-Mart and Virtually unbeatable, especially after our unbeatable manufacturer’s rebates.
  • Insurance: we accept most vision insurance plans which can be used to purchase contacts. With manufacturer’s rebates, this lowers the per box price even more.
  • Accuracy: the lenses you receive are exactly as we prescribe. All lenses are unexpired FDA – approved brands and no “grey merchandise”.
  • Selection: we carry all of the FDA- approved lenses and not just the most popular brands.
  • Exchanges: lenses supplied by our office can be exchanged if there is a prescription change necessary during the annual CL Rx period.
  • Free diagnostic trials: to determine the precise prescription and to replace the occasional torn or lost lens.