iZon® Lenses

These lenses are unmatched in providing high definition optics for the sharpest visual clarity possible today. This can be helpful in a variety of sports activities.


Imagine being able to improve your vision two lines on the eye chart and your contrast sensitivity by 100% simply by doing computer based eye-brain exercises. Based on science created by Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor,

RevitalVision® is already in use by many professional athletic teams for sports vision enhancement. Besides athletes looking for that competitive edge, other candidates for this training include: near-sightedness prevention in children, delaying the need for reading glasses or bifocals after age 40, amblyopia or “lazy-eye” therapy and maximizing vision after eye surgeries such as LASIK and cataracts.

Nike Strobes

We offer sports training glasses with built-in strobes for improved athletic visual performance. Baseball, softball, tennis, soccer players and others can benefit from the increased reaction time associated with faster and more efficient visual processing.

Contact Lenses

New contact lens designs can be helpful in improving visual sports performance with increased definition. Some lenses can be worn for water sports and are even available with UV protection and custom tinting for glare reduction.

Sports goggles

Are a must for certain sports such as snow boarding, skiing, racquetball and others for comfort and protection.


Certain specialty tints and coatings can be helpful in improving contrast and clarity for a variety of sports such as golf, fishing, boating, shooting, biking and many others.